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Jordan Ev. Lutheran Church
Our History

OUR FIRST CHURCH 1894 - 1950

On September 15, 1894, this building and property were aquired by the founding fathers for their worship. On July 22, 1905, a fire destroyed the building. An emergency meeting was held, and it was resolved to erect a new building. A duplicate of the first church was completed on April 14, 1907, and the building was used until 1950.


1894 - 1907 Professor G. Thiele

1907 - 1925 Pastor Arnold Hoenecke

1925 - 1948 Pastor J. G. Ruege

1948 - 1957 Pastor Edgar Knief

1957 - 1977 Pastor Frederic Gilbert I

1977 - 2006  Pastor Dale R. Baumler

2004 - 2006 Pastor John H. Meyer VI

2006 - Present  Pastor Mark Aufdemberge


September 14, 1894    A group of men from the Township of Greenfield under the leadership of Pastor Henry Bergman met in an Episcopal church located at South 84th Street and West Lapham Street to organize a Lutheran congregation.

September 15, 1894    Formal incorporation of Jordan Evangelical Lutheran Church took place in a meeting held in the Episcopal church. This building and property were acquired by the founding fathers for their place of worship.

January 12, 1896    Professor Gilbert Thiele, a member of the faculty of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, was called to serve the congregation in addition to his professorship.

July 22, 1905    Fire destroyed the church building. That same evening an emergency meeting was held at which time it was resolved to erect a new church building.

April 14, 1907    Dedication of the new church building took place in special services.

November 17, 1907    Installation services were held for Pastor Arnold Hoenecke who would be Jordan's first resident pastor.

June 11, 1911    A pipe organ was installed in the church.

January 14, 1922    Acquisition of property at South 77th Street and West National Avenue was begun with a view towards eventual relocation.

July 13, 1925    Pastor Arnold Hoenecke accepted a call to Muskegon, Michigan, following which Pastor Justus Ruege was called.

May 25, 1926    The congregation resolved to initiate a Christian day school and erect a building to accommodate the school on the property at South 77th Street and West National Avenue.

January 30, 1928    Twenty-three pupils in grades 1-4 met in the basement of the old church to form the first class of Jordan Lutheran School. Miss Alma Nommensen was the first teacher.

March 5, 1928    The class moved to its new quarters in the recently completed building on National Avenue. These facilities are the basement of our present church building.

August 1928    Mr. Siegbert Bergmann accepted the call as principal and teacher of the upper grades at Jordan Lutheran School.

1934    Mr. Leonard Stellwagen accepted the call to serve as principal of Jordan Lutheran School.

June 27, 1948    Pastor Justus Ruege accepted a call to David City, Nebraska, following which Pastor Edgar Knief was called.

February 19, 1950    Dedication services were held for the new church building located at South 77th Street and West National Avenue.

April 8, 1951    The pipe organ was finished and dedicated in the new church building.

1955    Mr. Paul Jungkuntz accepted the call to serve Jordan as principal.

January 1, 1957     Pastor Edgar Knief accepted a call to St. Paul, Minnesota, following which Pastor Frederic Gilbert was called.

1960    Stained glass windows were installed in the new church.

August 1968    Mr. Howard Maertz was called to serve Jordan Lutheran School as principal.

August 1971    Mr. Donald Gurgel accepted the call to serve Jordan Lutheran School as principal.

August 1973    Mr. David Zubke accepted Jordan's call to serve as principal.

August 1975    Mr. Elmer Baacke accepted the call to serve as Jordan Lutheran School's new principal.

1977    Pastor Frederic Gilbert retired from the public ministry.

September 25, 1977    Installation services were held for Pastor Dale R. Baumler, who accepted the call as Jordan's new minister. 

November 17, 1985    The voters of Jordan voted to buy Johnson School at South 84th Street and West Beloit Road.

December 21, 1985     Jordan assumed ownership of the property at South 84th Street and West Beloit Road for a purchase price of $430,000. Start-up and loan costs pushed this figure to nearly $500,000.

September 1994   A Festival Service celebrated the 100th anniversary of the formation of Jordan congregation. Rev. Karl Gurgel, president of our synod, was the guest speaker. The service was followed by a dinner attended by about 300.

August 2000    Jordan voted to sell the school property on South 84th Street and Beloit Road.

August 2001    Jordan merged schools with Woodlawn and became Lamb of God Lutheran School.

June 2002    A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new addition on Lamb of God Lutheran School property.

August 2003    Senior vicar, David Endorf, serves Jordan for one year.

July 18, 2004    Pastor John H. Meyer VI, a graduate from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, is installed as Jordan's associate pastor.

May 2006    Pastor John Meyer resigns from the public ministry. Pastor Baumler retires from the public ministry.

Dec 2006    Installation services were held for Pastor Mark Aufdemberge who accepted the call for Jordan's new minister.


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